In 2011 I co-founded Astro Adventures Mobile Games alongside my engineering partner, Mitchell Thomas. Our first release is an action adventure game called Astro Dodger. It is currently available in the Android market and soon to be released for the iPhone.

Role: I was responsible for all things art related. This included conceptualizing and designing the overall look and feel of the game, creating wireframes, flow charts and design specs for the engineer, and designing all the characters, animations, iconography and promotional material necessary for creating an intuitive and fun user experience. I also wrote and recorded all the music and sound effects.

Description: Get Astro home by tilting your phone to collect fuel bubbles and dodging space debris on the way. Stranded in the far reaches of the Galaxy our intrepid hero Astro must make his way back to Earth by collecting fuel bubbles. With limited battery power you must guide your ship around an odd assortment of space debris - including alien ships and space monsters! Avoid getting hit as this will deplete your battery power. 3 hits and it's GAME OVER! Collect power-ups to help you get to your destination.

Screen Shots:

Audio and Sound Effects: